« Virtual supermarket study shows: 30% higher, fair meat price reduces meat consumption by 36%»

Published on 09-06-2022

What is the best way to reduce meat consumption? By raising the price of meat and by informing customers about the environmental and climate damage caused by meat production.
The weekly purchase of meat per household will fall by 36 percent as a result of this combination, according to the main conclusion of a study by the RIVM and the University (VU) in Amsterdam among 533 people over the age of 18, whereby meat was increased in price by 30% and a virtual supermarket.

This study confirms that the conclusions of the CE Delft report 'Sustainability charge on meat', commissioned by the TAPP Coalition are correct. This report showed that with an average price increase for meat of 40%, the demand for meat decreases by 50%. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions fall by 2 Mton CO2 eq. At EU level, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 3% (120 Mton CO2 eq. per year). Of course, at the same time, the government should launch an information campaign to inform citizens about the environmental and climate damage caused by meat production and the health benefits of lower meat consumption (and more protein-rich vegetables).

Here is the full English study by RIVM and VU: