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Published on 27-11-2023

Side-Events, Panels, and Press Conferences TAPP Coalition at COP28 UN Climate Conference 

This year TAPP Coalition again organised a number of events, including several panels and press conferences. 

2 December Carbon Pricing Agri-Food event

On 2nd December, from 12.15-13.00 Dutch time (15.15-16.00 local time), there was a panel in the Food4Climate Pavillion organised by TAPP Coalition with support from Unilever on CO2 pricing in food systems. Title:

Carbon Pricing in Agriculture and Food Systems – a great opportunity or a complex distraction?

During this panel, Thomas Lingard, Unilever's global head of sustainability, and Jeroom Remmers with Dieuwertje Wallaart, vice chair of the Dutch Youth Climate Movement, discussed the need for Climate Pricing in Food Systems, the pro’s and con’s and suggestions for action. Here is the recording of the full event in a youtube film. A description summary of the event and the powerpoint presented can be seen in this press release shared by UNFCCC (third party releases). 

9 December event on finance mechanisms, pricing and subsidy for food systems and climate 

On 9th December, from 13.45-15.15 Dutch CET time (or 16.45-18.15 local time in Dubai) in Side Event Room 3 (B6, 78), there will be another UNFCCC supported side event panel organised by TAPP Coalition, FAIRR/Jeremy Coller Foundation and Citizens’ Climate Education Corp. The title is: New financial mechanism, pricing & subsidy strategies to transform food systems & meet climate goals.

Food systems cause 1/3 of global emissions, yet only a small fraction of climate finance and incentives support better food systems. We will explore means of shifting incentives with an agricultural roadmap, GHG emissions pricing, taxation and public subsidy shifts, and a Good Food Finance Facility. Speakers: Jeremy Coller (FAIRR) Jeroom Remmers (TAPP Coalition; online), Zitouni Ould-Dada (FAO), Jarl Krausing, the international director of the Danish CONCITO institute, Gunhild Stordalen (EAT) Olav Kjørven (EAT) Ertharin Cousin (FSF) Matthew Reddy (GEF) Juergen Voegele (World Bank) Amina Mohammed (UN-DSG).

Direct YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fKMCN4NgbM

Livestream also accessible through:
The COP28 Platform for Virtual Participation: https://unfccc.int/cop28/ifp#COP-28-Platform

The webcast section of the UNFCCC Side Events page: https://unfccc.int/COP28/schedule?event_type%5B%5D=52&access=0&field_event_has_webcast_value=1&field_start_datetime=&field_end_datetime=&search=&field_event_datetime_value_1=1&start_time=00%3A00%3A00&end_time=23%3A59%3A59

Secretariat-managed YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBcZ22cUY9RLMkm-apVgzZ8JSi0Tsywd3

TAPP Coalition Press Conferences 1, 2 and 5 December

The link for the press conference 1st December 13.30 h CET (with recording) can be found here

The speech given during the press conference 1 December can be read here

The link for the press conference 2 December (with recording) can be found here.

The link for the press conference 5 December (with recording) can be found here.

A resolution that can be signed by non-OECD countries to urge OECD countries and China to reduce meat consumption levels can be read here. 

The youtube recording of the side event with Unilever, TAPP and JKB about carbon pricing in agri-food systems can be found here.

Links for the press conferences 2 and 5 december (and UNFCCC press conferences and events in general) can be found here by selecting the day and time.

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Maybe the recorded press conferences / events can be seen here https://unfccc.int/cop28/virtual

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