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Published on 04-06-2024

A UN Climate conference will take place in Bonn (Germany) 3-13th June, to prepare the COP29 UN Climate conference in Baku, Azerbeidjan 11-24 th November 2024. Official meetings can be followed online: https://unfccc.int/sb60#overview-of-events

The TAPP Coalition will organise two UNFCCC facilitated press conferences and one workshop for ngo's, while joining meetings of the Climate Resilient Food System Alliance (5th June) and meetings with several other persons organisations relevant for GHG emission pricing of food. 

We will ask support for three letters that can be signed:

1) Letter to OECD countries and China from Climate ministers of non-OECD countries, urging them to start pricing policies to reduce meat consumption and using tax revenues partly for climate finance for the Loss & Damage Fund

2) Letter urging OECD countries to start carbon pricing agri-foodsystems, that can be signed by CEOs of large food and retail companies

3) Letter to EU Commissioners and Members of Parliament on climate goals for agri-food and Ag-ETS


The TAPP Coalition press conferences can be followed online. The TAPP press conferences on 6th and 7th June and other webcasts of UN facilitated press conferences can be found here: https://unfccc.int/sb60/schedule?type=Press%20conferences&webcast=1

6th of November 11-12 h TAPP Coalition will organise a workshop on the need for  GHG-emission taxes on meat/dairy. Other workshops that can be visited in person can be found here.


The location of the camp can be accessed through the following link:
> https://maps.app.goo.gl/D6ZwhUDiEVN3Ec4w8?g_st=ic

Why join?

Lessons learned by TAPP Coalition workshop: Know why GHG emissions taxes on food (like meat/dairy) are needed to realise the Paris Climate Goals, know which institutes like FAO, Worldbank, countries and blocks (EU) support it, what are pro and cons and discuss what could be best strategies for OECD countries and China to make a start with GHG emission pricing on meat and dairy, the role of the climate movement here.

Other side events during the Bonn climate conferences: https://seors.unfccc.int/applications/seors/reports/events_list.html?session_id=SB%2060