« COP 29 Declaration: Agri-Food Emission Pricing for the Loss and Damage Fund»

Published on 07-06-2024

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At our press conference today in Bonn at the SB60 UN Climate conference we released our new declaration for COP29: Agri-Food Emission Pricing for the Loss and Damage Fund. This declaration, created in collaboration with the Africa Climate Action Initiative calls for the usage of Agri-Food Emission Pricing in OECD countries and China to ensure a Just Transition and climate finance for the Loss and  Damage Fund, while also reducing GHG-emissions in agri-food systems in line with the Paris Climate Agreement goals. 

We believe that COP29 and UNFCCC Climate Conferences thereafter can only be successful if:

  1. The closing statement includes the statement “transitioning away from animal protein
    overconsumption according to national or global dietary guidelines by implementing GHGEmission pricing mechanisms in agri-food systems.”

  2. It urges the EU Commission, OECD countries, and China to lead the way towards harmonized
    GHG-emission pricing in agri-food systems.

  3. It uses at least 20% of the revenues of above mentioned GHG-Emission pricing mechanisms
    to fund climate finance for the Loss and Damage Fund.

Last year an earlier version of our declaration received three signatories from the Climate Ministers of Nigeria, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), representing 30% of Africans. Are you in the position to sign this declaration and have interest in supporting our call for a Just Transition, you can do so by filling in our form: Sign Here. 

An alternative manner to sign our declaration is to send the relevant information (name, position, country) to info@tappcoalitie.nl, 

Do you want to support or sign this declaration as a non-governmental organisation? Please contact us at info@tappcoalitie.nl. 

We are looking for supporting organisations that can help to increase the number of signatories before 1st of November 2024.

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