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Published on 02-12-2023

TAPP Coalition director Jeroom Remmers gave a press conference in the blue zone at the COP28 UN Climate Conference in Dubai about CO2 labeling of catering locations at the COP28 venue and CO2 pricing in Germany and The Netherlands in supermarkets and catering companies. CO2-pricing or true pricing of food products is an innovative way to reduce GHG-emissions from food consumption. A Dutch catering pilot in 3 Universities where people paid a 40% higher 'true price' for meat and a 9% lower price for climate friendly foods. resulted in a reduction of 20% meat consumption and climate friendly food consumption tripled. In Germany supermarket Penny had a 'true cost week' in all outlets with 9 food products including meat and dairy. These products doubled in price when consumers had to pay for the 'external' climate costs and environmental cost per kg meat and dairy.

Other presenters were Michel Scholte, director Impact Institute/True Price and Laura Kirwin from Nutritics, the company that implemented the CO2 food labeling at COP28. 

Here you can watch the press conference presentation by Jeroom Remmers / Michel Scholte.

Here you can see the powerpoints of Nutritics and TAPP Coalition here

More info: Jeroom Remmers info@tappcoalitie.nl