« TAPP Coalition and others submit recommendations for UNFCCC working group on agriculture (COP26 Climate Summit 2021)»

Published on 24-11-2020

Tuesday 24th November TAPP Coalition together with other NGO's submitted recommendations for a UN body preparing the next UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow in december 2021 (UNFCCC). The recommendations were submitted for the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA). The KJWA is a decision that was reached at the UN Climate Conference (COP23) in 2017 on next steps for agriculture within the UNFCCC framework, stressing the importance of agriculture and food within the climate change agenda. 

The advise given by the NGO's also includes this recommendation, relating to environmental taxes on meat and dairy products :

"Assist governments (parties) to take bold steps to internalize the costs of livestock production, including to the global climate, and end tax and other incentives. Governments should identify and remove or redirect subsidies and fiscal policies that threaten achievement of the Paris Agreement and that have negative impacts on forests, other ecosystems, soils, water and overall resilience to the effects of global warming". 

The full text can be read here

TAPP Coalition presented proposals to internalise the costs of livestock production in a policy proposal for a European meat tax, 5th of Feb 2020 in the European Parliament. The tax could lead to a reduction of 3% of EU greenhouse gas emissions (120 Mton/year). More info: https://tappcoalition.eu/nieuws/13130/eu-parliament-to-discuss-dutch-proposal-for-a-fair-meat-price-5th-of-feb

Without such meat taxes, it is very unlikely that the EU can meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals to reduce GHG-emissions.